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Mr Durian



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榴槤貴族x周同學 強勢聯乘之作  ▏Mr Durian x ChouChou Mid-Autumn Special

香港專業手工製作之奶黃月餅,口感綿密,香味濃郁,堪稱奢華的美點。品嚐榴槤貴族x周同學 中秋特別版奶黃月餅,享受天堂般的美味。每一口都能感受到最優秀的烘焙技藝,是您縱情享受美食的絕佳選擇。

This deliciously Custard mooncake is a luxurious treat made in Hong Kong. Enjoy a heavenly taste with the Mr Durian x ChouChou Mid-Autumn Special Custard mooncake. Perfectly baked with the best hands, this sweet delight is a perfect way to indulge your cravings.



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