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How China’s soaring appetite for Malaysian durians is causing a spike in demand in Hong Kong

“Mainland tourists now account for 30 per cent of our sales and 50 per cent during festivals and promotion seasons,” said Nicholas Ng, general manager of Mali Home, which owns more than 30,000 durian trees in Malaysia and started selling the pungent fruit in Hong Kong a decade ago.

alien fruit in recent years, with total imports surging 146 per cent to US$635 million in 2016 from five years ago, according to UN data.

Over the past five years, the value of durians imported into Hong Kong has soared 170 per cent to HK$3.1 billion (US$397 million) in 2016, according to the Census and Statistics Department. Excluding more than 90 per cent of imports that were then re-exported to China, the city’s pure import also rose 30 per cent to HK$188 million.

The average price of fresh Malaysian durians in Hong Kong has gone up 30 per cent to around HK$200 per kilogram from two years ago, lifted by rising demand from the mainland and higher costs due to unfavourable climate, according to Ng.


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創立者 & 執行董事 (香港)


Stephen Leung

Founder and Executive Director of Mr. Durian Limited Company (Hong Kong)

Stephen Leung comes from Malaysia family. Born in England and graduated in Liverpool University. Having food and beverage trading experience with Malaysian more than 10 years. 





執行董事 (香港)

從事水果及蔬菜家族生意多年, 高盛有限公司董事, 經營全球各地水果進口長達17年。

Kenneth Li

Executive Director (Hong Kong)

Kenneth has been running family business in fruit and vegetable industry more than 17 years. Being a business Development Manager at Top Weal Limited in Hong Kong, which founded in 1996.Top Weal has dedicated to producing safe, quality fresh vegetables and fruits to local supermarkets as well as trading with China markets.






董事總經理 (馬來西亞)



Ooi Hooi Chee

Management Director (Malaysia)

Running food and beverage business with Stephen Leung more than 10 years. Chartered engineer with more than 30 years of experience in Quality Control management.





財政 (馬來西亞)

會計師, 於馬來西亞從事會計,核數,金融銀行超過30年經驗

Stanley Yap

CFO (Malaysia)

Chartered Accountant, Founding President of the Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia with more than 30 years of experience in commerce, industry and banking.